connecting alumni across generations, backgrounds, and places.

One of the benefits in having an alumni association is having a centralized place to continue interacting with fellow alumni, whether they are friends from your own class year, or peers from other years. In addition to helping current Cardozo students through our Student Engagement initiatives, we plan to host class reunions, local meet-ups, and serve as the bridge between Benjamin N. Cardozo High School and its alumni.

When you and your fellow alumni sign up to be an Alumni Member, you make it easier for us to facilitate these events, keep you updated on events happening in your class year, and to ultimately help you reconnect with your peers. As an Alumni Member, you will be able to provide valuable feedback via our LinkedIn Group discussion boards on the Alumni Association’s upcoming initiatives, activities, and events. Additionally, you will receive early access to sign up and RSVP for volunteering opportunities and events.