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2019 Mentorship Program

The Benjamin N. Cardozo High School Alumni Association will be working with p.s. alumni, New York City's public school alumni network, to help Cardozo students receive the support and guidance of alumni mentors beginning in the Fall of 2018. As Cardozo alumni, you have the potential to offer a student valuable insight into life through and post high school. We are looking for alumni who are interested in giving back to the Cardozo High School community that helped put them on the path to success.

Please fill out the Mentor Application to express your interest in becoming a mentor. As a mentor, you will work one-on-one with a current Cardozo student to help foster a college-going and career-driven mindset, strengthen social and cultural capital for your mentee, as well as help your mentee prepare for life after high school.

You can learn more by viewing our Mentorship Program Background.


Mentorship Program Details

  • Alumni mentors will be paired with a same gender mentee currently attending Benjamin N. Cardozo High School

  • Alumni mentors should strive to meet with their mentee for four hours a month at either Cardozo or an off-site location including local college campuses, your office/workplace, or a recommended site. If you're uncertain about your commitment, we encourage you to apply regardless so that we can determine the best way for you to support Cardozo students

  • In order to support the development of meaningful and effective relationships, mentors will work with their mentees over the course of 2-3 years

  • All mentor-mentee pairs have the opportunity to convene at program workshops, college tours, and special events

  • p.s. alumni gives alumni mentors the resources and training necessary to be an impactful alumni mentor through a comprehensive training program and additional guidance when needed. Various opportunities, including college visits, trips, and scholarship opportunities, are provided to mentors throughout the year so that they can be shared with their mentees

  • All mentor applicants will be fingerprinted, background checked, and trained before they begin mentoring. All costs incurred by this process is covered by our program

  • Mentors and mentees will be celebrated at the beginning and the end of the school year for their work together

Sometimes, it only takes one person. One push of encouragement. A partner in your corner, steadfastly believing in you even in the most trying times, and sharing with you their accumulated knowledge, experience, and life-lessons. For a Cardozo student, that person can be you. 

What are students looking for in a mentor? [us] through the college application process...share [your] own experiences.
...knowledgeable, patient, and willing to help and guide [us] through a difficult and stressful process.
...address the specific career path [I can] follow and explain further what a job is really like and what it takes to get there.

What are some skills that students would like to learn?